Chromatography systems

Auto Prep

The Auto Prep series is a workstation of solutions that are used to study biologicals and mass production processes. The system is a flexible and production-oriented chromatography platform which provides multiple different configurations. It consists of various feedback indicators such as flow rate, pH, conductivity feedback, etc. Moreover, it has a remarkably compact design that is pioneering in the current industry. The Auto Prep System enables easy operation with the use of a touch panel interface. The system allows for manual and automated operations controlled by the PuriCat software, compatible to the FDA 21CFR part 11

  • The Auto Prep system includes the following configuration: Pumps Quatroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps, Pneumatic diaphragm valve, Electromagnetic flowmeter, UV detector, pH meter, conductivity meter, thermometer, pressure gauge, air sensor, bubble trap. Wetted material is electrolytic polished stainless steel 316L, glass and FDA CFR21 Part177 certificated plastic PP, EPDM, PEEK.

    • Flexible configuration customized to meet user requirements.
    • Compact structure and low dead volume.
    • Simple operation and ease of use with our touch panel.
    • Automated calculation of HETP to evaluate the packing status.
    • Multiple accurate sensors for real time analysis.
  • Auto Prep 10 Auto Prep 30 Auto Prep 100 Auto Prep 200
    Flow 20—1,000 mL/min rate 0.10 - 3 L/min 0.26 - 10 L/min 1 - 20 L/min
    Inlet / outlet 4mm 6mm 10mm 15mm
    UV, pH, Conductivity 280nm, pH 0-14 (or 2 - 10), 0-200mS/cm (or 0-1,000S/cm)
    Max. Pressure 6bar
    Size (WxDxH) 1,200 x 700 x 1120 mm
    Weight 230kg 235kg 240kg 250kg

    *Each system is available with single or dual pump.

Auto Prep 100D- Single Use

The Single-Use Chromatography system has a compact design with a low dead volume of 550 ml. It has a 15-inch single screen operating console for controls. It consists of a quaternary diaphragm pump, integrated gradient system, a 0.2-micron filter and an in-built FD-Q Series flow meter. A few other key benefits are the disposable flow path, which can be replaced after every run as well as the compact bubble trap which has the capacity to hold up to 600 ml. Customized single-use flexi tubing will be available as per the required flow path.

  • System Range
    Flow pump A 0.26 – 10 L/min
    Flow pump B 0.1 - 3 L/min
    UV, pH, Conductivity 280nm, pH 0-14 (or 2 - 10), 0-200mS/cm (or 0-1,000S/cm)
    Max. Pressure 5 bar
    Weight 229 kg

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